Sexy boudoir studio photoshoot

Christmas Studio Boudoir Photoshoot

When my gorgeous and super sexy friend Tiana asked if I could do a boudoir photoshoot with her as a Christmas gift for her husband I said YES!!!  One of the reasons I opened a portrait studio was the opportunity to shoot boudoir portraits in a private setting where my clients can feel comfortable and beautiful. 

Tiana wanted to do something with an old Hollywood feel. I was gifted an old studio hot light with a fresnel lens that I couldn’t wait to use. I replaced the halogen light with cool and efficient LED light. The fresnel lens created a beautiful focus light on her face. My studio also has a ton of fun accessories, makeup station, and wardrobe rack where Tiana found a super cute faux fur jacket which we incorporated into the photo session. Since the boudoir photos will be a Christmas gift we used Christmas lights, ornaments, and props. 

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot