Maternity portraits with sun flare

I’ve known Mandy since she was a little girl. Although she’s all grown up now and goes by Miranda I still call her Mandy.

Mandy met Jeffery through a mutual friend while tailgating at a Jason Aldean concert in August of 2016. She ran into him again at a Halloween party the following year. This time Jeffrey asked her for her phone number and they began dating.

It seemed pretty apparent to me and the rest of the family that Jeffrey was the one. I was so excited that Mandy finally found her person. Someone who loves and adores her.

Something else we all knew about Mandy is that someday she would make a wonderful mom. Mandy has worked as a nanny for many years. She would often tell me about “her kids” and how much she enjoyed taking care of them. When I learned that Mandy and Jeffrey were expecting I couldn’t be happier.

I was so honored to help capture Mandy’s maternity photos with Jeffrey and Mandy’s family Charles, Renee, and sister Tisha. We decided to do our session at  Corona Del Mar Beach in Orange County because of its beautiful sunsets and interesting rock formations. Mandy wore a beautiful teal maternity dress with flowing fabric which showed her baby bump. I was proud of Mandy when she told me that she was comfortable showing her belly and didn’t want me to “Photoshop” her stretch marks. She explained that her stretch marks were part of her daughter’s journey into this world. It was a big help having her mom, dad, and sister along to help me throughout the photoshoot and join Mandy for a few of the photos. It was also Charles and Renee’s wedding anniversary so I captured a few anniversary portraits for them too.

Both Mandy and Jeffrey’s fathers are named Charles. They wanted to honor them by naming their baby Charlie. Charlie Grace Franco is due to enter this world on September 25th, 2019. I can’t wait to meet her.

Sunset beach maternity portraits