Newly engaged couple in silhouette with sunburst

Chris and Nereida attended a dinner party back in 2015 hosted by their mutual friend. Little did they know they’d be meeting their forever love that night.

Chris caught Nereida’s attention that night because of his jokes. He was making everyone laugh! After that night Chris and Nereida hung out in group settings many times. A few months went by when out of nowhere, Nereida had a dream about him that made her wonder – does she have a crush on this guy? Fast forward a few years and they’re engaged! They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Chris proposed to Nereida on their very first trip to Hawaii earlier this year. He had booked a photo shoot with his family and planned to propose during the photo shoot so that every moment was captured. He got down on one knee, expressed his love and asked the question. She said YES!

They are currently planning a wedding in Orange County surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Sunset Engagement Photos