Standard Poodle and Golden Doodle Photography

Oodles of Poodles & Doodles

When my very good friends asked if I could watch her poodle and doodle  while they were on the mainland, I said: “yes, of course!”. Little did she know that they would be my first studio clients. Kea is a white standard poodle who is beautiful, sweet, and very sneaky. Her half-brother Vega is a black doodle who is high-energy, obedient, and lives to chase tennis balls. I first let Vega out for potty and some exercise he chased the ball till he was out of breath and tired. Kea, on the otherhand, ran after the ball looked back at me then took a B-line for the neighbor’s backyard to “play” with their rabbit. 

I decided to surprise my friends with a poodle-doodle photoshoot in my new studio. My concept was a yin and yang photo by juxtaposing Kea (which means white in Hawaiian) on a black studio background and Vega on a white studio background. Luckily there were no rabbits so I had Kea’s full attention. Needless to say, they were very surprised and happy when they saw them.