Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Photography in SoCal

Super fun day photographing Savannah for her high school senior graduation portraits. Savannah is a sweet girl who loves fashion, makeup, modeling, cheerleading, dance, and photography. I wanted to make sure I capture Savannah’s personality and passion in her images. These images were actually captured over a series of days We met first at my studio for wardrobe styling and planning.

I had an idea that I wanted to try so I asked Savannah if she would be OK driving my convertible Mini-Cooper. She agreed.I photographed her from the passenger seat as we drove to Newport Beach along Pacific Coast Highway. I had to do a log of experimentation to get my camera settings and composition right.

I used a variety of lightweight fabric that she positioned and played with to capture these images. One of my favs was with  Savannah in front of the Ferris wheel in Balboa. I used a slow shutter speed to capture the lights from the Ferris wheel and used off camera flash to light her face.

Senior Portraits with Savannah