Dramatic mermaid photos

Hawaiian Mermaid Mondays…

Well actually it was more like mermaid week and what a fabulous week of mermaids it was. I love underwater portrait photography especially when I’m photographing beautiful mermaids. Mermaids Michelle and Mermaid Juliet came to Big Island to play in the sea, pose for photoshoots, and surprise & delight many locals and tourists during their visit. Mermaid Michelle (@thehydroblademermaid) and her husband/mertender Wolf are from Arizona and Mermaid Juliet (@juliet.in.the.shade) is from New York City. They all stayed Mermaid Tiana’s home (@mermaid_vaiura) in Honaunau in South Kona, Hawaii. 

Day One 2-Step Beach in Honauanua, Hawaii

My first adventure with the mermaid trio was at Two Step in Honaunau Bay, a popular spot on Big Island for scuba diving, snorkeling, and sometimes mermaiding. I brought my paddleboard so that we would have a safe place to rest and hold gear while capturing underwater portraits. 

Day 2 Kumukea Beach (Four Seasons, Hualalai) North Kona, Hawaii

While the mermaids were getting ready I hit the beach to scout out a good location for our photoshoot. I noticed an adorable young girl walking with her family who was wearing a mermaid dress. I smiled and hoped she would still be around when the mermaids were ready. This time of year is a perfect time for a sunset photoshoot at Kumukea Beach. The sun sets perpendicular to the coastline gives the options of both natural light and studio strobes to light my subjects with the sunset in the background.

When the girls came out to the beach and put on their mermaid tails, I noticed a crowd gathered to watch and take pictures with their cell phones. I was so focused on shooting that I didn’t notice the young girl with the mermaid dress standing with her family quietly watching the mermaid trio. At the end of the session, I asked if she would like to have her photo with the mermaids. She excitedly agreed. I learned that her name is Mackenzie, she’s 5 years old, visiting Hawaii from Glendora, California. She likes to sing, dance, paint, swim and learned to snorkel in Hawaii and of course she LOVES mermaids. We were all so touched to be a part of Mackenzie’s dream vacation. Tiana gave her the handmade mermaid crown she’s wearing in the photograph, which I understand made it back to California safely in one piece. I’m looking forward to seeing Mackenzie and her family on their next trip to Kona so she can have her own mermaid adventure.

Day 3 Kealakekua Bay, South Kona, Hawaii

Mermaid day three was back in the water. The mermaid trio, Wolf, my husband Ted, and I went out with Sea Paradise on the afternoon snorkel out of Keahou Bay for some more underwater mermaid shots. The boat stops at Captain Cook Marine Sanctuary in Kealakekua Bay. The boat tour and crew were outstanding. I’d definitely recommend it to all my mermaid friends. 

Day 4 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 

The last day of the mermaid adventure was another out of water mermaid experience with Michelle. We went to a secret spot in Kona that I love to photograph.  It’s a small sea arch that when photographed from the right angle looks much larger than it actually is. Michelle wore a teal wig to match her Fin Folk Production Shipwreck Siren mermaid tail. 

Big Island Hawaii Mermaid Adventure