Pet photograph with Loki

Pet photography with Hungarian Vizsla Loki

Dogs are my favorite people to photograph. I had the pleasure of capturing Loki a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla at the dog beach in Newport Beach, California. Loki was a great model and full of energy. Before photographing Loki I had never met a Vizlsa. I’ve since learned that Vizslas are popular hunting dogs, loyal companions, very smart, and easy to train. I’m sure that Loki is no exception. I also didn’t realize how popular their breed has become.¬†

I’m looking to get back into pet photography. When I was first learning photography my dogs were faithful models. They put up with a lot of ridiculous costumes and poses. They didn’t seem to mind as long as they received treats as payment. I am very grateful that I was able to capture so many cute moments with my pups as one of them is no longer with us and I will always have her adorable photos to remember her.¬†

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