Big Island Hawaii Studio Headshots

Studio Headshots with Emily Gleason

Emily is gorgeous, funny, and a talented content writer (M The Writer). I met Emily through our mutual friend Linda Dickenson Make Up Artistry By Linda and it just so happened that she needed some professional headshots and I was in need of a writing consultant. Emily and Linda arrived at the studio for hair and makeup which gave me some time to set up and plan. Emily’s makeup looked beautiful and her red lipstick worked perfectly with her skin tone and dark wavy hair. 

We decided on three background setups, white seamless, black seamless, and environmental. Choosing the right headshot background is important as each conveys a different mood or style.  The white seamless background is clean, professional and can be easily integrated into a web site, business card, or printed material, black seamless can be dramatic, dark, and sexy, and environmental or outdoor background can be friendly, casual, fun, or active. Each option also requires a different lighting setup to ensure flattering lighting on the face and appropriate lighting from behind to light the background or subject from behind to provide separation. Fortunately, my studio offers a variety of background options for headshots and portraits.

We began with the white seamless background for a more professional business look. Emily’s gorgeous dark hair and black clothing contrasted nicely with the white background. Emily has a very genuine, confident, and approachable smile which is the exact look needed for a professional business portrait. 

Branding Headshots with Emily Gleason