Underwater Doodle chasing ball

Poodle Pool Photo Party

My good friend Angel invited me up to Manua Kea to visit and swim and hang out with her pack of poodles while she was dog sitting for her friends and mom’s pups. In total there was two toy poodles, two golden doodles, and one standard poodle. The three larger dogs are all related and came from the same breeder. The toy poodles are not related. Angel & Jacob are the proud parents of Kea (white standard poodle) and Vega (black shorter haired golden doodle), Aka (black toy poodle is Jacob’s mom’s,  Heiwa, the longer haired black golden doodle belongs to Angel’s friend Rosalyn). The pups didn’t seem to mind the pool too much. Of course, I couldn’t resist grabbing a few K-9 underwater pictures. I also had the pleasure of photographing Rosalyn and her girls underwater. 

Underwater Dog & Family Photos