Underwater Trash the Dress in Kona Hawaii

After two years of marriage, Amanda finally got to wear her wedding dress. Amanda and Stuart got married at the courthouse and never had the chance to wear her beautiful wedding gown. I was thrilled when she contacted me for a underwater trash the dress session in Hawaii. We choose Two Step in Honaunau. Two Step is a popular snorkel spot known for its clear waters, calm bay, and abundance of sea life. 

A few days before our underwater photoshoot  Hurricane Hector was headed straight for Hawaii Island. I had just finished telling my out of town friends that Hawaii rarely has hurricanes and when they do hit they are only a Category 1. Being a California girl I’m not accustomed to hurricanes and I’m not going to lie I was a little concerned. Luckily Hector passed well south of Hawaii and we didn’t have to cancel our photoshoot. 

The day couldn’t be more perfect. With the absence of vog and passing of Hurricane Hector the sky was beautiful and the sea clear and calm. I brought my paddleboard and some friends to help. We started with some shots out of the water on the beach while slowly making our way into the water. For safety reasons I had Amanda ride out on the board rather than entering the water at Two Step. We wanted to make sure that Amanda’s dress wasn’t negatively buoyant. Luckily it was not. She looked beautiful with her wedding dress flowing in the sea. 

2 Step Underwater Trash the Dress