Beautiful couple at dusk

Val and her family were vacationing from my old hood in Orange County, California and were looking for some family portraits in Waikaloa. My dear friend Angie was visiting from Maui and offered to be my assistant for the session. We arrived early and found the perfect spot to create the Big Island’s version of “Hawaiian graffiti”. We small white coral rocks and wrote “ALOHA” on the dark lava rock along the shoreline of Anaehoomalu Bay (aka A-Bay).   Val and her family were very surprised and touched when they walked up to see it. Angie then asked them each select a rock that speaks to them. They were then asked to balance the rocks on top of each to create balance, peace, and thankfulness within their family. 

As sunset grew closer we heading up the shoreline to an old dead tree that laid along the coastline half in and half out of the water. It was in the perfect spot to capture the sunset and beautiful twilight colors in the sky. 

Waikaloa Beach Resort Family Portraits